Adonis Valanche

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Adonis Valanche Gender m.png
Profile Adonis.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Movie star
Residence Frostbite Manor, The Heights
First appearance Star of the Silver Scream!
Affiliations Fussworth (butler)

Adonis Valanche is a veteran toon star of stage and screen. He is wildly rich and successful, having played numerous monsters to great critical acclaim and numerous awards. He is one of the few toons to live outside the Animation, having a luxurious manor in The Heights.


For Adonis, high class is the name of the game, with a bit of an ego to match. Or at least he certainly tries to be high class. While he puts on airs as a posh, high-brow toon of culture, underneath the veneer of gentlemanism is the heart of a beast that befits his monstrous appearance. It is something he's mostly managed to overcome, except for in times of extreme emotion.


Adonis was originally drawn by a disgruntled animator who had wanted to work on far more classier toons, and was instead rather forced to draw monsters and other such creatures. Thanks to this disparity, Adonis has a sense of self that is at odds with his appearance. However, this has not seemed to affect his career, as he was able to play the game of politics and channel his more monstrous impulses into his acting. Because of this, he has found quite the niche that has led him to films like his breakthrough role in The Monster in the High Castle, and later hits such as Mountain Mayhem and Troll of the Bridge. These starring roles have led him to quite the level of success, to the admiration and envy of many.